Welcome to Daycare Hoppers, the website that keeps track of parents who hop from daycare to daycare enrolling their kids while leaving a balance at the previous center. As a member of this website, you can submit information on client perpetrators. Through our efforts we hope to cut down on the losses that daycare centers encounter from daycare hoppers.

Enrolling as a member of DaycareHoppers.com is easy. Just go to the Sign tab above and complete the form. There’s a small fee and screening process associated with becoming a member to ensure that members are actual daycare providers. Doing so, helps to ensure the integrity of the website and content.

Once enrolled, you will have the ability to search our database for Hoppers information and add new entries to be included into the database.

The purpose is to prevent Hoppers from defrauding new providers and hopefully assist in settling unpaid accounts. Once an account is paid, we ask that you return to the website and update the record.

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